Reputable and Unique Hunting

Lake Safaris is owned and managed by Trevor Lake, and has been a reputable Safari company since 1997. We hunt predominantly in South Africa, and also provide custom made Safaris in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Lake Safaris is distinguished from many other South African safari outfits. We offer four different hunting camps in four different habitats of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Each camp offers different levels of comfort and camp styles, different hospitalities, different terrains and hunting methods, different species of game, and most important different hunting experiences. We hunt species where they occur naturally in their habitats, enhancing your chances of better trophy animals.

We can boast some of the finest free range Nyala hunting that Africa has to offer. Additionally, this concession is community owned, so the proceeds of your hunt go to a good cause. Lake Safaris proudly has exclusive hunting rights for Nyala on this concession, which extends as far as the eye can see. We only hunt ten Nyala Bulls each year in this concession, so make sure you book in advance if you want the privilege of hunting this area.

We can also offer other species in a free range environment with no high fences. This would include Grey Duiker, Impala, Blesbuck, Bushbuck, Southern Reedbuck, Zebra and Kudu. Take into consideration that finding good trophies in a free range environment is often more challenging than ranch hunting, so make sure you allocate enough time.

We also specialize in hunting Bush Pig. We do this at night over baits that we maintain throughout the season. We use a variety of blinds to suite the situation. This has proven time after time to be a highlight of any client’s safari to sit on the baits at night and experience these incredibly smart creatures coming in. Getting one of these animals as a trophy has merit which is often not even considered in your safari planning.

For the species that we cannot hunt in our free range concessions we have selected specific game ranches that we visit to accomplish this. Generally hunting in areas in excess of 10 000 acres or more with comfortable lodge style accommodation makes for a pleasant overall experience to your hunt with Lake Safaris.

We strive to achieve a balance of great hunting and fine trophy animals, combined with an enjoyable experience and lasting friendships. Our unique and different hunting camps and locations will certainly give you a wide variety of lasting memories, complimented by what we refer to as an “above average” trophy bag, as we are very selective on the areas we choose to hunt. 

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